From posting the position to vetting the candidates, finding a new hire takes time and effort. Let Associates on Demand take the headache out of how to hire an associate dentist, and help you hire the perfect associate.

AOD has developed a reputation for finding the perfect hire for your practice.

How do we help you hire an associate dentist?

By leveraging a massive pool of qualified candidates and learning about each one’s qualifications and personality.

We find your perfect associate, whether it is a Locum, Specialist, part-time or full-time position–the first time.

Our mission is to help you and your new associate to succeed, so contact us today and let us find your perfect fit! So, how do you hire an associate dentist…..


As a Certified Kolbe Consultant, AOD provides The Kolbe Index as part of our criteria for successful hiring.

The Kolbe RightFit system should always be used as one of many criteria in making selection decisions. The RightFit process provides you with vital information about whether a person’s natural talent fits with the demands of the position.

Going beyond traditional and dated personality tests, the Kolbe Index uses 36 strength based questions and is backed with over 35 years of research and application. Associates on Demand are experts at interpreting the results so that you get your perfect candidate–the first time.

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